About Tom Riederer Kilimanjaro Summit

Tom Riederer, P.E. is an adventurer - high altitude mountaineer, explorer, biker, diver, fisherman and general outdoorsman. From growing up in the cold winters of Wisconsin, the mountains of Idaho and the ocean by his home in California he's learned to not just tolerate but thrive on what Mother Nature throws at him! He's jumped out of airplanes, run marathons, trekked, climbed, hunted and fished in remote places like Alaska, Chile, Africa, Irian Jaya as well as many of our beautiful National Parks right here in the USA.

Also, as an inventor and professional engineer, he has developed proprietary stereoscopic 3D camera systems to show unique, dangerous and exciting places of the world to YOU as if you are there - in stunning, full-color 3D!

The Seven Summits - The Highest Peaks on the Seven Continents