Viewing 3D

Many of the elements on THIS WEBSITE were designed to be viewed in 3D. The elements marked with the 3D Icon ( 3D Icon ) require anaglyph (red/blue) 3D glasses to be seen properly. For a free pair, check out this website. Remember, the red lens goes over the left eye!

For OUR VIDEO PRESENTATIONS there are better ways to view 3D, along with different glasses. You have got to see our 3D movies!

Mission Statement

Santa Barbara Surfertree-D Films™ is dedicated to producing awe-inspiring stereoscopic 3D movies. Our content has "focused" on beautiful and exciting outdoor areas of the world - places like the highest and lowest points in the Western Hemsiphere, volcanoes in Bali, headhunter jungles in Irian Jaya, spawning salmon in wild Alaskan streams and underwater coral reefs in Mexico! Our productions range in length from snippets for corporate promos to feature-length films and videos. With our stereoscopic 3D, you are there!

In addition to making 3D movies, we develop 3D cameras and other hardware. It isn't easy getting cameras to work at 20,000 feet when it's 20 below zero!

Latest News

Hiking in the Jungle September 2010
tree-D Films™ announces its consummate 3D mountaineering movie series Seven Summits in Three Dimensions™. Stay tuned for details!

May 2010
Award winning Up Denali 3D is now available for purchase. Contact me for more information.